Recommendations pages are live

All of them – I’d forgotten just how many Hugo categories there are!

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8 thoughts on “Recommendations pages are live

    1. I really enjoyed the Devil’s Only Friend as well. Even thought it is not first book in series I think enough back round was given for it to be stand alone but does it qualify as science fiction??

  1. Drama, Long Form: Predestination

    Drama, Short Form: DareDevil Season 1, Episode 2

    Drama Short Form: Defiance Season 3, Episode 13.

    Novel: Seveneves by Neil Stephenson

    At least one episode of Sens8 deserves a nomination, but there’s so much good there I wish I could just nominate the whole season as Long Form. Wait til the votes are tallied for that one and add one for me to the most popular one.

  2. I will have more suggestions over time, but in order to cut my teeth on this board I propose:

    Seveneves by Neal Stephenson

    I enjoy his complex world building and this latest does not disappoint. I appreciated that he worked hard to propose hard science solutions and challenges that occur in the near future. In particular, this book belongs on SP4 because (mild spoiler here) no one can suggest that this is a straight, white male dominated novel and yet lives up to the core principles of SP3 – great books by under recognized (by the Hugo intelligentsia) authors which also happen to demonstrate their broad appeal by virtue of commercial success.

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