A Note on List Updates

Now that I’m back from Lunacon, I will be making the corrections to The List that need to happen. They’ll probably go in over the next day or so while I recover from excess con-going.

Yes, Lunacon was a blast. If they’ll have me back, I’ll be back next year.

I’ve had a couple of requests from people wishing to be removed from The List. I’ve also seen my facebook feed go all splodey with way more messages than I can catch up on (I was effectively incommunicado over the weekend, so there’s Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and half of today to try to figure out) and I gather there may be others who are unhappy about being on The List.

My policy is as follows:

I will not insult the people who purchased and read the works, and felt them to be award-worthy, by removing anyone’s name or work from The List. I will, however, update The List with an asterisk beside the name/work of those who contact me directly to indicate that they would prefer not to have their work purchased, read, liked, or nominated without the creator’s prior approval.

Readers and nominators may decide as they will.


3 thoughts on “A Note on List Updates

  1. I’m a fan who participated in the Sap Puppy recommendation process in good faith. I really don’t feel that I’m being insulted if writers request that they be removed from the list.

    I also don’t feel that the comment “they would prefer not to have their work purchased, read, liked, or nominated without the creator’s prior approval” fairly represents the request that I saw Alastair Reynolds make.

  2. @Kate, do you think that Terry Pratchett was insulting his fans when he requested Going Postal be withdrawn in the 2005 Hugo Awards? Was Neil Gaiman, when he did the same with Anansi Boys in 2006? Heck, what about Larry Correia, or Marko Kloos when they withdrew last year?

    Were any of them demanding prior approval for any of the things you mention above?

    As a fan, I’m not insulted when an author I recommended asks to have their name withdrawn. Nor am I insulted when they say that they would prefer to not be associated with the SP movement.

    What is insulting to me is when their expressed preference for not being part of the SP list is spun as being insulting to the fans – to me. I’m not your, or SPIV’s, shield.

    I understand that we’re at that initial point where tempers are high and people are retreating to their bunker mentalities. It may be too early now, but I do hope that in the cold light of day you rethink the turn of phrase that you’ve included above.

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