How to Get Grease Out of a Carpet

Grease spills are a bummer, especially when they happen in a carpeted area of your home. For many people, just the mention of grease leads to the frustrating scenario of it taking days of scrubbing to get it up. But, we’re here to tell you that there are ways to get the grease out of your carpet easily, with just a few common household items.

5 Tips for Cleaning and Getting Rid of Grease Stains

1. Using Baking Soda and Dish Soap:

It’s the cheapest and easiest fix, which is also the reason you should always do it first. Pour on some dish soap and baking soda, and then use a scrub brush to work the grease out. Depending on how long the greasy mess has been there, you may have to go over that area again. With any greasy spill, you can always opt to use something stronger, like the ammonia-free product, to help degrease and get the spot as white as it was before.

2. Use Dish Soap and Vinegar:

If the stain is really old (or if you have a male who likes to cook in his work clothes), you may need to add some vinegar to your arsenal. Mix in some dish soap and vinegar and scrub the area with the solution. Then, once you think you’ve removed it, try to spray with water to make sure that you didn’t leave any traces. Next, blot away the excess with a towel.

3. Use Rubbing Alcohols:

Rubbing alcohol is probably the next-strongest degreaser after ammonia-free product. So, it’s great for lifting some of the greases off the carpet without leaving any intense odors. Just pour some on the grease stain until it’s saturated. Then add some more and rub it in. Blot the stain and then see if it’s worked its way up to the top of the carpet fibers. If not, grab some more rubbing alcohol or ammonia-free product and soak it in again.

4. Use Glycerin and White Vinegar:

Another stain removal trick that we’ve used in the past is a mixture of white vinegar and glycerin. It’s a tried and true recipe that you’re bound to find on almost every recipe for cleaning a grease stain because it works. Pour it over the spot and let it sit for about five minutes. Then blot the area with a towel and check how much of the stain came up. This usually works best in older carpets, where the dye is more set in the carpet fibers.

5. Hire Professionals:

In our experience, there aren’t many things that can’t have a good attempt to get rid of the stain, but experts can help you if the spot is particularly bad. They have access to all kinds of tools and cleaners, and they will guarantee that they get it out. If you call a carpet cleaning company, make sure you let them know that it’s a grease stain so that they don’t use a cleaning solution that will harm the carpet, like ammonia in the cleaner.


We want to stress that this is all about getting rid of the grease stain as much as possible, not the cleaning of the carpet itself. A professional carpet cleaning company can really help if you think you’ve left something behind or if you’re trying to get wine out of the carpet. Home improvement starts here.

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