Recommendations – Best Editor – Short Form

Post your suggestions for Best Editor – Short Form to this thread.

Eligible people have:

  • Edited at least 4 anthologies/collections/magazines with at least one item published in 2015

Please list the following:

  • Editor
  • Qualifying works (that is: the anthologies, collections or magazines they edited, and which one was published in 2015)
  • About a sentence saying why you think their work is great

20 thoughts on “Recommendations – Best Editor – Short Form

  1. Paula Goodlett
    Grantville Gazette Volumes 57-60 (all 2015)
    Grantville Gazette is the bi-monthly supplement to Eric Flint’s main storyline 1632 universe. Generally it consists of short stories (fiction) focusing on the integration of late 20th century American/WV culture with that of 17th century central Europe. The non-fiction articles give excellent social, historical, and scientific background for readers and writers interested in contributing to the magazine. See and for more information.

    1. Third this one. Amazing body of work and adding nonfiction raises difficulty level. I think it adds to the overall understanding of the books

  2. Jason Rennie for Sci Phi Journal.

    Paid pro rate and managed to put out 4 Sci Phi Journals this year. Deals in both fiction and non-fiction articles.

  3. I liked SM Sterling’s The Change anthology. It has 17 stories in his Emberverse series. Among the authors featured are himself, Harry Turtledove, Walter Jon Williams, John Birmingham, John Barnes, Jane Lindskold, A.M Dellamonica, and others. You don’t really have to read any other books for these short stories, although reading Dies the Fire will hook you on the whole series, IMHO. Thanks, Brian.

    1. I haven’t read this anthology, but will point out that in addition to The Change, Stirling edited Drakas! (2000), Power (1991) and the Fantastic World War II (1991), so he qualifies.

  4. John Joseph Adams, who is putting out excellent stuff month after month after month in Lightspeed and Nightmare, as well as editing excellent anthologies (including a new “Year’s Best”). He does great work.

    1. Thirded – I really enjoy all his anthologies

      Ancilliary nomination – Hugh Howey. They were co-editors on the “Apocalypse Triptych” anthologies which concluded this past year with “The End has Come”. Not only was it an interesting premise with a number of good stories, many of them came from indie or new authors so introduced me to a whole new group of people (Like Annie Bellet)

  5. Second Jason Rennie. SciPhi has some really awesome stories.

    Jerry Pournelle, There Will Be War vol X. The anthology is just amazing.

  6. Jerry Pournelle, There Will Be War vol. X, is a worthy revival of one of the best theme anthology series in SF history.

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