Recommendations – Best Fan Artist

Post your suggestions for Best Fan Artist to this thread.

Eligible Artists:

  • Have one or more works created in 2015 that don’t meet the Professional standards on the Hugo Award Category page
  • May have other works that meet the professional guidelines – these should not be considered qualifying works

Please list the following:

  • Artist
  • Qualifying work(s)
  • About a sentence saying why you think it’s great
  • Links to somewhere people can view their work are also great

22 thoughts on “Recommendations – Best Fan Artist

  1. ‘Cryptid-Creations’

    The first eligible work for 2015’s Hugo awards is the ‘Daily Painting 772.’ You can start browsing the eligble works from this link:

    Every page has at least one character from some world of science fiction or fantasy let it be anything from movies to games. We are looking at a genuine ‘fant artist.’ Not to mention that the art itself is adorable.

  2. ‘Neodusk Comics’

    The content is fan parody of television series such as the Legend of Korra, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls and other geeky things in much smaller quantity. Not sure how much of a chuckle you will get if you are not familiar with said works.

    This is the first eligble work:

    Just click for next post to the see the next entry.

    This is the guy’s deviant art page:

    1. Ian: It would be eligible under Related Work, but not as Fan Artist. The category is for an individual, not a piece of art.

      Theoretically, the creator of the short film could be eligible as Fan Artist, though it not *really* how the category seems to be set up. On the other hand, Spring Schoenhuth has been nominated for her art, and she works more wit jewelery and Dave Howell was nominated in 2010 (essentially) for his design of the 2009 Hugo base (of the statue).

      The below is the wording in the WSFS Constitution (2014 edition) for the category definition):
      3.3.16: Best Fan Artist. An artist or cartoonist whose work has appeared through publication in semiprozines or fanzines or through other public, nonprofessional display (including at a convention or conventions), during the previous calendar year.

    2. I would second nominating this individual for Fan Artist.
      I think this piece would be good for best short form dramatic presentation. The only thing I didn’t like about Kung Fury was that I am pretty sure it would beat this for best short form.

      1. Worth noting that a Pro Artist can still be nominated as a Fan Artist for his or her fan work. But usually once you cross that line as an artist, you’re not likely to be nominated for fan work even if you continue to produce some.

        Otherwise, agreed when Jaram lists the Bastion work as Professional.

        I will say that I’m disappointed that Jaram lists himself as a 2015 Hugo Award nominee as both a Professional and Fan Artist. It’s a weird mistake to make since he wasn’t listed on either list of top 15 vote getters (which still would not equate to being an actual nominee)

    1. Seconding. I like the gritty, realistic feeling these photos lend to the fictional universe. There’s more at

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