Recommendations – Best Fancast

Post your suggestions for Best Fancast to this thread.

Eligible items are:

  • Non-professional audio or video presentations with at least 4 episodes
  • At least 1 episode broadcast in 2015

Please list the following:

  • Title
  • About a sentence saying why you think it’s great
  • Links to somewhere people can watch/listen are also great

18 thoughts on “Recommendations – Best Fancast

    1. Great for all things Star Wars, with a balanced approach — he’s an intelligent, well-spoken, and thorough critic yet never loses his childlike enthusiasm and sense of wonder, and never inserts his own ego.

    1. So much agreed for Tea & Jeopardy! I’m not really a fancast person, but I heard a couple of episodes of this and just started downloading the whole thing. It’s fantastic in the whole “author interview with a twist” thing.

      I’m very concerned regarding the chickens and Latimer though.

  1. The Post Atomic Horror Podcast

    This is a review of every single episode of Star Trek within human existence; including the animated series. The hosts take and off-beat and humorous approach to summarizing each episode. After the summary, they provide a more serious review indicating what worked and what didn’t. Immensely entertaining.

    The Grim Tidings Podcast

    The hosts of this show interview authors, agents, and publishers about their respective work in the industry. The focus generally is on guests that have work within the grimdark sub-genre. Very informative for up-and-coming authors. Also interesting for fans that want to know more about their favorite authors.

    The interview of Sebastien de Castelle was particularly good.

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