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Post your suggestions for Best Fanzine to this thread.

Eligible publications meet the definition of Fanzine on the Hugo Award Categories page, quoted below:

This Award is for anything that is neither professional nor semi-professional and that does not qualify as a Fancast… The publication must also satisfy the rule of a minimum of 4 issues, at least one of which must have appeared in the year of eligibility.

Please list the following:

  • Title
  • About a sentence saying why you think their work is great
  • A link to a site where people can read it/view it would be awesome.

24 thoughts on “Recommendations – Best Fanzine

  1. File770 – An invaluable resource for anyone trying to find out more about “this thing you call fandom”. While it’s hard for me to pare down to a handful of representative items, I would probably start with the following:

    The Poor Trufan’s Almanack – contains some excellent genre recommended reading lists for short stories, as well as YA works

    Awards – coverage of various awards in the genre and genre adjacent fields.

    Hugo Awards – coverage specifically around the Hugo’s, in large part containing coverage of the 2015 Hugo Awards and the associated… kerfuffle

    Literary Mashups – What happens when the brighter minds of the File770 commentariat get sidetracked….

  2. I’ll second File 770, specifically because of the various Hugo coverage and compiling Glyer has done this year.

    I’ll also first Chaos Horizon. I’m a bit of an awards wonk and I love seeing the numbers and how Kempner (the author) has put together his prediction lists. While he may have a personal opinion about what is best each year and what he wants to see nominated, his commentary on the predictions based on historical data and trending is (mostly) free from that, I think. Outstanding fanzine. This is possibly my only sure thing nomination that i know is hitting my ballot next year.

    1. File770 downvoted. Key word: Compiled. File770 rarely offered original content. Besides, Glyer/File770 has been nominated more than any professional author or editor in Hugo history. What worthies are passed over because the electorate votes for “incumbent”?

  3. Law and the Multiverse


    A lawyer’s blog where he speculates on how real-life law would apply to superheroes, supervillains, superpowers and other fictional concepts. Very interesting.

    Not entirely sure if it counts as “Fanzine” though.

  4. Otherwhere Gazette was (it’s on hiatus but has promised to return) a refreshingly different and unorthodox look at geekdom and fandom that was actually being written by fans, for fans. Not sure where else you can find that any more.

    Also, According To Hoyt falls into this category (these categories are strange, aren’t they?) as it’s primarily the blog of an author but fans not only of her work but fandom in general are encouraged to take part and do:

    1. Seconded Otherwhere Gazette.

      Great content, it sucks that life intruded on the editor and they’re on hiatus.

  5. “Gilbert,” a magazine named after G.K. Chesterton, who wrote fantastical fiction, among other genres. Issues are published at least six times a year, often include short stories in the fantasy/sci-fi genre, and also include reviews of fantasy/sci-fi books, movies, and television shows. A recent Summertime Film Festival issue featured special profiles of prominent sci-fi/fantasy movies. This periodical also discusses many issues regarding the nature of literature, fandom, and society in general.

    A sample issue from a few years ago can be found here:

  6. And for the fanzine, it’s Finn again, this time “A Pius Geek”. It’s not quite the same as “Sad Puppies Bite Back”, with the work told from Finn’s viewpoint (rather than the story of the characters), but once again he makes his points well, and here he certainly backs up anything he says with viable fact. Worth a read, if you haven’t looked before.

  7. Tangent Online has a wealth of information for the science fiction lover: interviews, reviews, editorials, and general articles about our favorite genre. If you’re looking for more good reading in order to fill out your Hugo nominations, check out the Tangent Online 2015 Recommended Reading List.

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