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Post your suggestions for Best Professional Artist to this thread.

Eligible people are artists who meet the definition of Professional on the Hugo Award Categories page, quoted below:

Some Hugo categories (Best Professional Artist, Best Fan Artist, Best Semiprozine, and Best Fanzine) are defined by whether the work done was professional, semi-professional, or fannish. The definition of what is a “professional” publication is somewhat technical. A professional publication either (1) provided at least a quarter the income of any one person or, (2) was owned or published by any entity which provided at least a quarter the income of any of its staff and/or owner.

Please list the following:

  • Artist
  • At least one qualifying work of art.
  • About a sentence saying why you think their work is great

23 thoughts on “Recommendations – Best Professional Artist

  1. ‘Arvalis’

    What I think is the last eligible work is something called ‘Leucrotta.’ The handful of eligble works in the gallery are either for a game developement project or comissions. This sounds pretty professional to me.

    I personally like the realistic detail, (and find myself saddened that the majority of his works is not eligble this year.)

    You can browse the eligible works here:

  2. Frank Cho

    The reason why I originally wanted to recommend him is due to his ‘Spider-woman pose’ covers. But after some googling, he appears to be incredibly talented comic book artist.

    But the downside is that it is hard to point out his exact berth of artistic work during the 2015. You best bet could be to just google his name, and add the year 2015 after it.

    But anyhow:

    This is his website:

    And here are some of his works with comics, but the results are not limited to the year 2015:

    1. I second Frank Cho. Mr Cho is currently my favorite artist working in comics and is currently working on Totally Awesome Hulk for Marvel. Its wonderful stuff.

  3. Nicole Cadet, who is amongst other things the cover artist for my debut novel. She was very helpful and a damn talented artists, to boot. I had no idea what kind of background I wanted and on the thinnest of specs she turned out something so evocative I was tempted to re-write chunks of the book to fit that background.

  4. So far, these are the artists who have stood out to me.

    Cynthia Sheppard (Karen Memory)
    Sam Weber (Illustrated Dune)
    Shan Jian (Illustrated Man in the High Castle)
    Steve Youll (Navigators of Dune)
    Richard Anderson (Empire Ascendant)
    Paul Bielaczyc (Wheel of Time Companion)

    While I understand that Professional Artist is not designed to reward a single work of art, I think there are individual works that are so good that we need to consider the artist. Sheppard, Youll, and Anderson fall under that category. Look at those covers!

    Then, we have Weber and Jian. While it is technically a single work listed, they have done more than just covers, they’ve done full interiors for the Folio society. Stunning work. Google “Folio Society Dune”. Just gorgeous work.

    I don’t know right now whether Paul Bielaczyc did the full Wheel of Time companion, but look at this post on showing off Padan Fain and Mashadar. Holy crap, y’all. Just for that work I’m keeping an eye on him when it comes to voting time.

  5. James Zhang,
    Notable a few years ago as being the concept artist for Knights of the Old Republic 3 that were leaked. He now runs his own company, Concept Art House which does outsourced game art for projects:
    He’s been the artist for WoW:Hearthstone in 2015.

  6. Larry Elmore

    Son of the Black Sword

    Larry has been around since the 1980’s when he was one of the resident TSR artists illustrating Dungeons and Dragons. He was responsible for the Dragonlance book covers among other things. His covers always convey the main characters well, and I think he managed that extremely well with Ashok, Thera and the Grand Inquisitor..

  7. A second (or whatever the count may be up to) for Larry Elmore, Frank Cho, Abigail Larson, Dustin Nguyen. I would also like to nominate Skottie Young (mainly for I Hate Fairyland), Gabriel Hardman (his work drawing a ‘well used’ future in Invisible Republic) and Tradd Moore (this years legacy of luther strode is as over the top in a good way as you can be) Interiors and covers that get a potential reader to pick up a book and put his/her money down.

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