SP4 Recommendations Pages and FAQ

Recommendations Pages



Q. How do I recommend something?

A. Comment on the appropriate page with the name of the piece, the name of the creator/author/publisher, and if you can a link to where other people can read it.

Q. Who has recused themselves from The List?

A. Sarah Hoyt (and all her pen names), Kate Paulk, Amanda Green, Thomas Knighton will not be appearing on The List in any category

Q. But what about Vox Day?

A. Not our circus, not our monkey. Talk to him about whatever problem you have with him.

Q. How do I know what category to put a story in?

A. You can count how many words are on a typical line, how many lines are on a typical page, and how many pages the story has, then do some math. Or you can just guess. Either way, the Hugo Committee shifts stories to their correct category if you’re off, so don’t worry too much. (As a rough guide, there’s about 250 words on a typical paperback page).

Q.  How will The List be made?

A. The Puppy Pack will collate all the recommendations into one spot. Three cheers to the Puppy Pack.

Q. Is that all?

A. It’s all there is for now. We’ll be updating as we get more questions.