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UPDATE 2 3/22/2016

I’ve added an asterisk to the other people who requested removal. I’ve also made some starting edits to the main file noting the kind of update. Many thanks to judgeadd for the detailed comments: I need to spend some time on the weekend checking, but I think I have the core of the edits in place.



UPDATE 3/21/2016

The two people who contacted me personally or posted a comment to this page or the Mad Genius Club posts asking to be removed have been marked with an asterisk. I will post separately explaining my reasoning.

No corrections have been made yet: I’m still catching up from Lunacon. I’ll note the edits at the top of the page when I make them. The Mad Genius Club post will NOT be edited so my typos and miscategorizations will remain there for all posterity. Or posterior, which I suspect is the more apt way to put it.


The List is done. It’s not all on this page because there’s too much – the full list is viewable here.

My methodology was pretty basic – any comments that were favorable to the work got counted as a +1 and added to the tally. -1 comments or disagreement weren’t counted. I’ve probably been more generous on that front than others, because I included things like “I wish that was eligible” as a +1. A few clearly misplaced votes got moved to the appropriate place. If someone was the only person to suggest their own work, it’s been noted as a self-nomination – which, of course, is not against any rules. If other people voted, the self-nomination didn’t get listed. Works that have questions about whether they were eligible are noted in the full list.

Thank you to every person who took the time to add a suggestion and persevered through WordPress and its infinite weirdness when it comes to allowing things. Thank you also to those who offered their time and assistance in going through the comments thread. There’s nothing hidden here, only a lot of judgment calls on whether something is a genuine recommendation or not. So yes, the satirical suggestions highlighting the SFnal nature of certain modern conflicts are also on the The List.

This is not, never was, and never will be a slate. It’s informational. I hope the herding cats effect contributed to the lack of interest in some categories and that actual nominating numbers are going to be way higher, but in the spirit of encouraging everyone to read, watch, view, and nominate it’s a worthy project. One that I will not be doing without software assistance to autocollate as we go if I get sweet-talked into doing something like this again.

That said, here are the top ten-ish for all the categories, in no particular order (if there weren’t enough suggestions with more than 1 vote or not enough period, there won’t be 10 listed – go to the entire list for the full information and the counts):

Campbell Award for Best New Writer

(which is of course Not A Hugo but piggybacks rather a lot on the Hugo process)

  • Andy Weir – The Martian
  • Brian Niemeier – Nethereal
  • Alyssa Wong – Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers
  • Natasha Pulley – The Watchmakers of Filigree Street
  • Becky Chambers – The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet
  • Scott Hawkins – The Library at Mount Char
  • Charlie N Holmberg – The Paper Magician
  • John Sandford & Ctein – Saturn Run
  • Sebastien de Castelle – Great Coats

Interestingly enough almost all of these popped up somewhere in the Best Novel selection, despite not all of them being eligible for the Hugo, being in their second year of Campbell eligibility.

Best Fan Artist

This category was ridiculously split, and one of the most popular suggestions is probably better under Best Dramatic Presentation – Short Form.

  • Otaking77077 – TIE Fighter animated film (
  • Karezoid (Michał Karcz) –
  • Matthew Callahan –
  • Piper Thibodeau – There wasn’t a link listed, but a lot of work in a lot of places. UPDATE courtesy judgeadd:

Best Professional Artist

This was another insanely split category, with 30-some artists suggested, but not many of them with more than 1 vote apiece.

  • Abigail Larson
  • Sam Weber
  • Frank Cho
  • Larry Elmore
  • Dustin Nguyen
  • Richard Anderson

Best Fan Writer

Yet another one with a whole lot of suggestions at 1 vote apiece.

  • Jeffro Johnson – Space Gaming and Castalia House blogs
  • Declan Finn – Sad Puppies Bite Back
  • Eric Flint – In Defense of Sad Puppies (
  • Mike Glyer – Puppy roundup posts on File 770 (
  • Brandon Kempner – Chaos Horizon
  • Charles Akins  –
  • Dave Freer – Mad Genius Club
  • Dorothy Grant (fynbospress) – Mad Genius Club
  • Ron Edwards –
(Yes I know that’s only 9 and there’s a 5-way tie for the 10th slot. I’m lazy. The suggestions are all good.)
Best Fancast
We have diverse tastes. That’s about the only explanation for all the 1 vote items.
  • Tea and Jeopardy
  • Geek Gab
  • Hello Greedo

Best Fanzine

Yes, another one.

  • File 770 –
  • Nuke Mars –
  • Superversive SF –
  • Otherwhere Gazette
  • Tangent Online –

Best Semiprozine

This category was so anemic it’s not funny. I get that it’s hard to find semi-pro zines, but still…

  • Sci Phi Journal

Yes. It was the only suggestion with more than 1 vote.

Best Editor – Short Form

  • Jerry Pournelle – There Will Be War vol X
  • John Joseph Adams  – Lightspeed, and Nightmare
  • S. M. Sterling – The Change anthology
  • Jason Rennie – Sci Phi Journal
  • Paula Goodlett – Grantville Gazette
  • Bryan Thomas Schmidt – Mission: Tomorrow *

Best Editor – Long Form

Really, folks? Did y’all think I wouldn’t take any other suggestions?

  • Toni Weisskopf – Baen
  • Jim Mintz – Baen
  • Tony Daniel – Baen

Best Dramatic Presentation – Short Form

Another broad scattering of suggestions here. There’s something like a 15-way tie for 6th place, so I’ll just list down to 10.

  • Daredevil Season 1 Episode 2
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – The Cutie Mark parts 1 & 2
  • Person of Interest Season 4 Episode 11: If-Then-Else
  • Kung Fury
  • TIE Fighter animation by Otaking 77077 – Yes this did also show up in Best Fan Artist. From what I can see both are reasonable, but this is the better fit.
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: Melinda
  • Daredevil Season 1 Episode 13
  • Doctor Who: Heaven Sent
  • Gravity Falls: Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons
  • Gravity Falls: Northwest Mansion Mystery

Best Dramatic Presentation – Long Form

  • Mad Max: Fury Road
  • The Martian
  • Predestination
  • Ant-Man
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  • Inside Out
  • iZombie (Season 1 as a whole)
  • Person of Interest (Season 4 as a whole)
  • Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  • Ex Machina

Best Graphic Story

  • Order of the Stick
  • Stand Still Stay Silent – any 2015 plot arc
  • Schlock Mercenary Book 15 *
  • Empowered Volume 9
  • Saga Volume 5
  • Erfworld
  • Fables: Farewell Volume 22
  • Gunnerkrigg Court Chapter 50: Totem
  • Invisible Republic Volume 1
  • Lazarus: Conclave

Best Related Work

  • Sad Puppies Bite Back – Declan Finn
  • Appendix N – Jeffro Johnson
  • Safe Space as Rape Room: Science Fiction Culture and Childhood’s End – Daniel
  • A History of Epic Fantasy – Adam Whitehead
  • Atomic Rockets – Winchell Chung
  • Legosity – Tom Simon
  • There Will Be War Vol X – Edited Jerry Pournelle
  • You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) – Felicia Day
  • Frazetta Sketchbook Number 2
  • Galactic Journey –

Best Short Story

  • Tuesdays With Molakesh The Destroyer – Megan Grey
  • Today I am Paul – Martin L Shoemaker
  • … And I Show You How Deep the Rabbit Hole Goes – Scott Alexander
  • Asymmetrical Warfare – S R Algernon
  • Cat Pictures, Please – Naomi Kritzer
  • Damage – David Levine *
  • A Flat Effect – Eric Flint
  • Daedelus – Niall Burke
  • Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers – Alyssa Wong
  • I am Graalnak of the Vroon Empire, Destroyer of Galaxies, Supreme Overlord of the Planet Earth. Ask Me Anything – Laura Pearlman

Best Novelette

  • And You Shall Know Her By The Trail Of Dead – Brooke Bolander
  • Pure Attentions – T R Dillon
  • Folding Beijing – Hao Jingfang translated by Ken Liu
  • If I Had No Head and My Eyes Were Floating Way Up In the Air – Clifford D Simak
  • Obits – Stephen King
  • Our Lady of the Open Road – Sarah Pinsker

Best Novella

  • Binti – Nnedi Okorafor
  • Penric’s Demon – Lois McMaster Bujold
  • Slow Bullets – Alastair Reynolds *
  • Perfect State – Brandon Sanderson
  • The End of All Things 1: The Life of the Mind – John Scalzi
  • Speak Easy – Catherynne M Valente *
  • The Builders – Daniel Polansky

Best Novel

  • Somewhither – John C Wright
  • Honor At Stake – Declan Finn
  • The Cinder Spires: The Aeronaut’s Windlass – Jim Butcher
  • Uprooted – Naomi Novik
  • A Long Time Until Now – Michael Z Williamson
  • Seveneves – Neal Stephenson
  • Son of the Black Sword – Larry Correia
  • Strands of Sorrow – John Ringo
  • Nethereal – Brian Niemeier
  • Ancillary Mercy – Ann Leckie

Nominating the entire Discworld series was also a top 10-ish contender, but I stuck to the actual novels for this listing.

Retro Hugos

  • If This Goes On  – Heinlein, for Best Novel
  • Requiem – Heinlein, Best Short Story
  • The Roads Must Roll – Heinlein, Best Short Story.


And that’s The List top 10-ish version.

14 thoughts on “The List

    1. Dear Xanatos–you may recount as many times as you wish. 🙂

      I know I wouldn’t want to have to try to give specific accounting for all the categories. People got enthusiastic talking, and it was hard to know if they were nominating.

      Thanks, Kate, Amanda, and Sarah, for all your hard work. And thanks to everyone who participated. I found all sorts of new books, movies, and artists I want to check out.

  1. Thanks very much for your efforts in collating everyone’s suggestions. I’m fairly behind on reading current works (I’m shocked when I see a 2015 copyright), so the list will give me a good idea about what has sparked peoples’ interest over the past year.

  2. Will authors who have excused themselves from nomination be removed from the list, or otherwise identified? No point in nominating Correia, Ringo or Scalzi if they are just going to decline it anyway.

  3. Please remove me from the list. I will refuses any nominations this year and don’t want to waste anyone’s time. I just learned of this list. Thanks.

    1. OK, I’ll go back and take you out of my submitted midamericon nominations. I thought Mission: Tomorrow was a nice collection of short works. I nominated five of them in the Hugo short works categories.
      I look forward to more of your work.

  4. Schlock Mercenary asked to be removed? Seriously? Wow, that’s just lovely. Well, if he doesn’t want “wrongfans” reading his work or buying his books, I’m happy to oblige. Didn’t realize Howard Tayler was a massive jerk. Duly noted.

    1. I’ve been breaking my habit since last fall, when his response to the cartoon of the Cruz children as organ grinder monkeys included ‘Cruz is the real monster’. I’m sure he would be just as charitable to someone who had done the same with Sasha and Malia.

      1. I *thought* I remembered that. Sad to learn he’s a grade-A jack@ss. And yeah, no question he’d be juuust as charitable…riiight. /s

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